Creepy Pasta

SCP FoundationのCreepyPasta作品は移転中です!サイトメンバーの作品はこのページで閲覧可能(推奨!)ですが、非サイトメンバーの作品The Archiveに移転しました。ぜひ見に来てね!アーカイブ作業に興味をお持ちの方は Troyにまでご連絡お願いします。Archiveへ参加するためのパスワードは"indigo"です。思うがままに作っちゃおう。


Abwesenheit by The Great Hippo

An Audience by Djoric

An Old Woman and her Garden by fieldstone

何処からともなく納屋が来る by Laneous

Cave Paintings by DexX

Clouds by minmin

Cold by Dr Gears

Daddy Long Legs by Arlecchino

ドッグマン by Dr Gears

エスケイプ・フロム・テルミナス by The Great Hippo

フィールドマン by Cherry Pict

Fire by TroyL

Grease by mlister

Hands by A Random Day

I Can't by Nacht Ruine

I have something to share. by tunedtoadeadchannel

I hope this isn't just a dream. by Ellie3

I'm Me, Not Debris by Zachary Maxwell

"It Might Have Been". by Zachary Maxwell

Leviathan by fieldstone

Life Saver by Dr Gears

Love Springs Eternal by minmin

Meat by Corerosion

Message In A Bottle by HK-016

Monsters by Etherealize

.::Only |n Drea{{m}}s-- by tunedtoadeadchannel

Petrified by LordStonefish

Pitter-patter by Corerosion

Play by Dr Gears

進歩 by Djoric

Scared Stiff by Oboebandgeek99

Shy by Dr Gears

スカンクエイプ by Roget

Smoker by Arlecchino

395号線のスタンド by stormbreath

straight-to-vhs:sunday-dinner by The Great Hippo

That Monster Which We Call Grief by Zachary Maxwell

The Asylum by Raaxis

The Bowels of History by faminepulse

A Fairy Tale by psul

The Manistique Broadcast by Kalinin

The Other Side by minmin

The Price of Beauty by Zachary Maxwell

The Ragdoll by Prattler

The Real Monsters by DrClef

ランナー by Djoric

The Tailor by Arlecchino

The Taste of Leaves by Zachary Maxwell

The Woven Man by minmin

タワーB by The Great Hippo

untitled1.txt by AdminBright

You Never Visit Me Anymore by Zachary Maxwell


Surprise! Happy Birthday!
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Again.
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Once more...
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Still?
Surprise! Happy Birthday! Now, see here...
The Works of Doc Burns

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